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O.A.C.A.S. Certification Program


Successful completion of an education level equivalent to at least a two (2) year community diploma in Social Services or Child Care or one (1) year university or successful completion of the O.A.C.A.S School Attendance Counsellor's Certification Program which is deemed to be acceptable to O.A.C.A.S.

The Certification Board must receive from your Superintendent or Supervisor (your immediate Supervisor), a letter verifying that you have served satisfactorily for at least two (2) years as an Attendance Counsellor as well as the proof (photocopy of diploma, degree, completion of the OACAS attendance course).  Please note that you must also be a current OACAS member to apply.

Membership in the Ontario Association for Counselling and Attendance Services

If you were hired prior to March 25, 1970 you may qualify for certification under the grandfathering clause. Please Note: Part-time Attendance Counsellors are also eligible for O.A.C.A.S. certification.

Please send a letter applying for certification to:

Leila Buchanan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)









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